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About Branding Rx Podcast

This podcast has been the natural progression and growth from Neurotic Dog Studios, a branding agency for health and wellness practices and Differentiate Magazine, a quarterly publication focused on helping practitioners and practice owners brand and grow their practices.

Our Goals and Vision

We see Branding Rx as a continuation of our greater mission to improve the health and wellness field, by helping practitioners grow their practices, reduce their stress and turn reduce the potential of individual falling through the cracks of an overworked and under supported system.

Who We Are

Branding Rx is currently hosted, edited, and coordinated by Alice Pettey. Ms. Pettey is the founder & CEO of NDS Enterprises, LLC which in addition to Branding Rx oversees Neurotic Dog Studios (branding agency), Differentiate Magazine (quarterly  publication), NDS Fonts (foundry), NDS Publishing which works in conjunction with Neurotic Dog Studios on Elite Authorship Engine providing professionals and avenue to self-publication for books, e-books, and magazines.  Ms. Pettey is also and author & speaker.

Our Story

Branding Rx was born from tragedy. In 2021, Ms Pettey lost her youngest son to oversight and mismanagement by his medical team. To put is nicely, he fell through the cracks and died as a result.

Through the process of grieving and attempting to come to terms with this preventable loss, Ms Pettey made a decision.  Her choice was to be angry, or to set aside some of her anger and put those emotions to better use and try and fix a broken system.  Ms. Pettey chose to help.  This decision has led to a new focus for Neurotic Dog Studios, the creation of Differentiate Magazine and now Branding Rx joins the family.

New Episodes every 3rd Thursday

We release episodes monthly, packed with invaluable tips and strategies to amplify your practice’s growth and brand presence.

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Meet The Hosts

Alice Pettey

Alice Pettey


Ms. Pettey has spent over two decades in the design and branding industry and over a decade helping health and wellness professionals.  With the loss of her son in 2021 do to medical mismanagement, Ms Pettey’s focus on helping the health and wellness community was solidified. 

In the three years since her son’s death Ms. Pettey has refocused her branding agency to health and wellness, started Differentiate Magazine and now Branding Rx podcast.  Each of these are and effort to bring her dream into reality.  Practices where the staff are not consumed, or even concerned about meeting a quota of patients, or how long the visits go, but servicing the needs of their patients fully.

How can this happen? Well, Ms. Pettey knows it won’t be through one avenue alone, a broken system often needs a total break down and to be rebuilt. In the meantime, if she can help one practice find a way to connect with their patients more authentically, and find those who truly need their services. Enlighten them to ways that they can market their services in a manner that will allow them to connect with and bring in patients that can afford and will happily pay a premium, so the stress of payroll, benefits, and just keeping the lights on is no longer an issue.

Then, maybe, they will turn to those in their community who are in the greatest need and provide for them.  Closing the gaps like the one her son fell into.

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